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Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF presents a public Druid Yule ritual, inspired by the Norse tales of Odin’s Wild Hunt.

As we approach solstice, we are still in midst of the cold grasp of winter, and it will be many weeks before the dark has released its hold. In this time when the cold winds blow and the nights are dark and feral, it is customary for the folk to gather and share tales and feast. For this is the time of the Wild Hunt, and it is wise to stay indoors when the ghostly spectacle is afoot. Let us celebrate the light and life within and toast our deities and our kindred! Let us come together as one folk and revel in this time of community.

Odin, god of the wind and the dead, raises his sword to lead his Wild Hunt across the midwinter sky. Thor, son of Odin and the god of thunder, holds a hammer aloft, his cape billowing as he rides a chariot pulled by two goats. Accompanied by Odin’s ravens, the menacing throng ‘sweep through forest and air in whole companies with a horrible din’, all in search of mortals who, having failed to find a hiding place from the celestial hunting party, are abducted as prey and taken to the underworld. The arrival of the Wild Hunt was thought to herald catastrophes, such as war, plague, or famine, and presaged the death of anyone who witnessed it.

WHEN: Saturday December 16, 2023 3pm sharp

WHERE: The Crooked Path (store), 2020 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506

  • After ritual we all can enjoy potluck.
  • The ritual is indoors with a painted smooth concrete floor.
  • Please feel free to bring a cushion, pad, or mat to sit or lie on for meditation. There are some chairs for those who cannot stand for a whole ritual.
  • To help us present excellent public rituals and support Pagan Pride LA/OC Sempervirens Fund and other charities, please consider a $15 donation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Donations may also be made on our website.
  • also, see "For Our Guests" here on our website


The store is near the corner of Magnolia Blvd and Keystone St in Burbank. The choice of 5, 101/134, or 170/101 freeways depends on your location. Refer to the map here or use your GPS.

Here is a Google Map to the ritual site. GOOGLE MAP LINK


  • December 16: Yule: - Crooked Path, Burbank

  • 2024
  • January 27: Imbolc: - The Green Man Store, North Hollywood
  • March 23: Spring: - The Green Man Store, North Hollywood
  • April 27: Beltaine: - Sage Ranch Park, Simi Valley
  • June: Summer: - Orange County TBD
  • July 27: Lughnasadh: - The Green Man Store, North Hollywood
  • September 21: Autumn: - The Green Man Store, North Hollywood
  • October: Samhain: - Park TBD


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