ADF Published Books

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    Celtic Culture

    Ogham: The Secret Language of the Druids

    Robert (Skip) Ellison
    “This solidly researched guide to Ogham, the traditional alphabet of Irish poets and loremasters, belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in Celtic traditions or modern Druid spirituality. Ellison deserves high praise for a readable and practical introduction to the intricacies of Ogham lore.” -- John Michael Greer, author of The Druid Magic Handbook


    A World Full of Gods : An Inquiry into Polytheism

    John Michael Greer
    The first book from ADF Publishing.

Additional Notes

[Quoting from the ADF Recommended Reading List web page]

We recommend that the beginning student avoid any nonfiction by Robert Graves, D.J. Conway, Lewis Spense, H.P. Blavatsky, Edward Williams (aka Iolo Morganwg), or any works by others based on their writings, or those of Merlin Stone, Barbara Walker, or other revisionist ideologues. Some of the assertions made in these sources can't be supported by current scholarship on the Druids; the use of common sense and a critical eye are highly recommended in dealing with these books (and all the other books listed on this page as well). This is not to say that they don't have their own possible worth or that people shouldn't know about these books, but that an understanding of these writers should come after understanding Druidry/Neopaganism in general. One has to get a firm grounding, four walls and a roof before she can decide on what kinds of curtains to look at.

When in doubt, consult your nearest tree...