Ostara Saturday March 27, 2014

by Heather Marriner

Sources: Misc Internet Sources

A Book of Blots by The Troth

Various Idunna publications by the Troth


Pre-Ritual Briefing


Processional Chant/Purification
No Chant, folk will silently process to outside, and Walk between twin flames for purification.


Initiating the Rite (Musical Signal Calling the folk to Ritual Stead, 3 horn Blows)
The winter, harsh and long, is now fading. The Earth is waking from Her frozen slumber and it’s time to rejoice in life, warmth and a renewal of the spirit.


Guardian Call our Protector and Hallow this Stead!!!


{Ken}Call to Heimdall [Highm,-Dahl]

Hail Heimdall, Shining Watcher of the Asgard
With You on the Bridge, Man and Gods rest secure
Your presence alone banishes fear and threat
We ask that you watch this Stead and those within.
Hail Heimdall!! (Ale to Fire or Well)

(All Say Hail)


{Ken}Hammer Rite

Hammer in the North, Hallow and Hold this Holy-stead
Hammer in the South, Hallow and hold this Holy-Stead
Hammer in the East, Hallow and hold this Holy-Stead
Hammer in the West, Hallow and hold this Holy-Stead
I hallow and make holy this harrow and stead
Bearing good for my folk I banish all bale
May our Hearts be made whole
May our minds be made open
As Heimdall [Highm,-Dahl] Bright Wards Bifrost bridge
Be this stead warded from Baneful wights



Children of the earth, as we prepare to make offering to the Outdwellers, please avert your eyes so as not to form a relationship with them, and also look to the Outdwellers in your own hearts.  This is a celebration of the Spring and renewal.  All that we carry into the Stead this evening will flower.  Take only that which you wish to root, grow, and flourish.

Guardian, Make offering and appease the Outdwellers who do not support our ways



Dark and twisted wights, unhallowed; you who dwell beyond our stead, who look with malice and with spite on the work we do. Take this offering, so freely given, and trouble us not. Our stead is well-warded by the mighty Mjolnir [myawl-nir] , and Bright Heimdall. (Piece of Bread thrown Over back gate)


Let us begin with the ever-sustaining Earth that bore us into creation:


{Mike}Earth Mother

Nerthus Earth Mother, Sustainer,
From You we spring
By you we are nourished
To you we inevitably return.
Our Bodies are built Upon Your Bounty
Our Spirits strengthen with your support
What can we give that is not ours by your grace?
What gift can we make, that was not first your gift to us?
We offer ourselves, We offer our love, we offer our labors.
Nerthus Earth Mother, accept this token and support us in our work.
Nerthus, We honor you with a kiss

{Kaila} (Two handed Beauty Queen kiss to the Earth Mother)


Hail the ever-giving Earth Mother!!!!! Hail Nerthus.

(All Say Hail)



Let us call for Bright and Radiant Inspiration…


{Lisa}Inspiration Kvasir [Ku-vas-eer]

Kvasir! Made from the spit of Aesir and Vanir gods,
Wiser than all, there is no question you cannot answer.
Slain by dwarves, your blood made into the mead of inspiration.
Cunningly did Odin retrieve it thru eagle-winged flight,
3 drops on man fell, and you inspired us
We call on you to inspire us this eve,
Sweeten our speech that our Sacrifice may be please the Kindreds.
Mead-bleeder, Word-weaver, Kvasir, come be the Fire in our Heads!
(Offering of Blood Red Juice or beverage poured around the fire)

Hail Kvasir!!!

(All Say Hail)



Now that we have called to the Earth Mother and Inspiration, let us attune ourselves to the work at hand.


{Mike} [Two powers meditation]




Statement of Purpose

Spring Equinox is the mid-point of the Waxing Year, the nights and days are balanced. Western culture proclaims it the first day of Spring. The spark of light that was born at Winter Solstice has reached maturity, and from this point forward, the days grow longer than the nights. 

As the Earth bursts forth with new greenery from sleeping seeds, we too plant our own seeds at this time, seeds of our future goals and future projects. It is time for the hopes of Imbolc to become action.




Establishing Sacred Center



Let us now re-establish the Sacred Center of the Worlds.





We stand at the center of the 9 realms and kindle our fire. Flames of Creation and Destruction. Sacred Fire Burn within us! (oil to fire)


Blessed water that nourishes Yggdrassil [ig-drasil], welling through the center of the realms. Sacred Waters flow within us (silver to the well)


Yggdrassil [ig-drasil], axis of all the Worlds, May we be deepened in your depths, May we be raised to your Heights, may we be strengthened by your strength. Sacred tree grow within us. (Dried or Fresh Flower to the Tree)  




She is the storm that washes over us in sleep. She is the heart of the dream. She is Darkness unspeakable and light beyond bearing. She is the mist that rises on the Meadow…..
Val Freya, Bearer of Brisingamen [Bris-ing-a-men]
Lady of light and love, Strong in Magic,
cunning, skillful, Battle wise Bright Goddess
It is You who taught All-Father and the Aesir Magic.
I ask join your magic with ours that we may open the gates
To Allow our voices to be herd in the 9 realms
Hail Freyja!!! (Offering of Honey Covered Strawberries to fire)

(All Say Hail)

My words echo in the well of wisdom, my words echo in the ears of the Disir. Let the Well open as a Gate!! (Drop Pertho Rune into the well)
My words soar over the burning of Bifrost, my words soar into the halls of the gods. Let the Fire open as a gate! (Drop Kenaz Rune info the fire)
My words travel the trunk of Yggdrasil [ig-drasil] , my words travel the nine realms. Let this tree become the axis of all the worlds!(Set Eihwaz rune into tree)
Láttu Gates vera opinn!!!! [lawtoo Gawtez ve ra opin]
Let the Gates be Open.

(All Say Let the Gates be open)



We are now at the center of the Worlds. Here, the Kindred can hear our thoughts and know our Hearts. Let there be only truth here.

Honoring the 3 Kindreds

{Sarah}: Landvaettir (Landspirits)

Just as Yggdrasil is the axis of all the worlds, you are the attendants and stewards of all the worlds. May we learn from your vigilance. Hear us this day and always.

(Offer Spring Time Fruit to the Tree)

Hail Landvaettir! (All Say Hail)



Ancestors, welcome back from your dark halls. Like the well of Mimir you bring us your wisdom and power from days long past. May we learn and grow from your knowledge. Hear us this day and always. (Offer Heart Shaped Stone to the Well)

Hail the Ancestors! (All Say Hail)

{Darin}Shining Ones

Shining Ones, we tend our hearth fires to bring warmth and light to our homes, but it's you who have kindled our fires since before we were born. May we always shine bright in your honor! Hear us this day and always. (Offer Whisky to the Fire)

Hail the Shining Ones! (All Say Hail)


Children of the Earth take a moment and feel the presence of the Spirits called to join us this night.

(Pause and let the energy be felt before moving on)

Praise Offerings


As the spirit moves you, come forward and make praise offerings to the Kindreds or your Patrons. You may offer at the well, fire, or tree, sing songs, recite poetry, dance; whatever would bring pleasure to the Kindreds.


Key Offerings--Skadi, Uller, Ostara


{HEATHER} Winter time is waning now. Dark nights give way to light.
Life Hidden by chilling frost slowly returns to grace the land.
Bright Snows have kept safe the seeds. Blanketed by false death, life returns transformed. Let us thank those who have kept us Safe this winter.
{Benjamin}SKADI & ULLER
Mistress of Bow, Keeper of Wolves, Mighty Warrior
Your Laughter rings back to us on the fading winter wind,
As you retreat to the stillness of your Mountain peaks

Master of Snowshoes, Son of Sif, Eir’s wise companion
We feel your presence in the snow clad silence of the forest

Queen of Skis and King of Bow Might, accept this Meal and our thanks for a safe winter and rest well.(Offering Of Raw Meat and ale to Fire)
Hail Uller!! (All Say Hail)  Hail Skadi!! (All Say Hail)



Time passes and the seasons change. One Year has turned to the next. For a brief moment Winter and Summer stand Suspended in the winds of Spring.




Our long nights have ended and Spring is here at last. Light and Life return to gladden the frozen land. Hail the return of Life and Love!!! (All Say Hail)


{HEATHER} Let us welcome into our stead Ostara, bright goddess of the dawn. Even the Christians could not stamp out her symbols, her name or her feast. She provides shining light that guides us on our path.



We gather here the great the spring.
Goddess Ostara, we speak Your Praise.
Usher in the Dawn of the year here, as winter give way to Spring,
Stillness, to growth, rest to action.
Welcome with open arms the warmth that is growing
Bless this season with your grace.
May the fields of the earth, of our minds, of our hearts, be fruitful.
May the animals of the earth, of our creation, of our inspiration, flourish
Smile kindly upon new ventures and new lives undertaken
May Spring’s dawning refresh and revive us.
Lovely, Bright lady Ostara, we hail you.
Accept this offering (Flowers to Fire or flower bed with egg)

Hail Ostara. (All Say Hail)




(Bardic Offering for Ostara)


{HEATHER} (Eggs are passed out while this is said)

Ostara’s Blessings have long been symbolized by eggs. In Germany decorated eggs are hung in homes to ward off woeful spirits and to bring blessings into the home. There is an old folk tradition in Russia and Scandinavia where eggs are broken on peoples’ heads to re-awaken life after winter and to provide blessings for the coming year. Think of what life in you need to be reawakened, and what blessings are needed in the coming year.


Bright Lady of the Dawn who awakens after winter’s long slumber

Bless these eggs with your might.

Grant us a prosperous and Happy New Year.


(Everyone finds a partner around the circle. They Break their eggs on each other’s head saying: BRIGHT OSTARA’S BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU!!)


[OMEN] {Russell}


Blessing Cup


We are now ready to receive the blessings of the gods. We have given to them wholeheartedly, as in days of old so now it is done a gift for a gift
Blood of Kvasir, mead of inspiration be blessed by the Kindreds. (Pour Mead into horn)


Kindred Three, we call for the blessings of the ancient ones. We ask you, Ancestors, Grant us the waters!!!



Kindred Three, we call for the blessings of growth and community. We ask you Landvaettir, Grant us the waters


Kindred Three we call for the blessings of Magic and love! We ask you Shining Ones, grant us the waters


Children of the Earth, do you accept these blessings? (Resounding YES)
Then Drink heartily for these are the waters of Life!!!!


(All Sing Life Blood 1 time though, then dance, etc)



Life returns to gladden the land and great Nerthus awakes.
Mother of Earth
Give forth life that is waxing and thriving,
Increasing and full of strength:

{Lisa}: Trees and plants, beast and birds,

And all creatures of earth and sea.

{Sarah}: Grant, ye holy ones of heaven and earth,

That earth’s life be warded against every foe,

{Ken}: And defended against every ill
That is sown by bale workers throughout the land.

{Mike}: Be thou hale, Earth, mother of all!
Be thou growing and filled with food,

{Tess}Full acres of food for every living thing.
Brightly blooming, be thou blessed!


{HEATHER}: Spirits of Rock,

{Lisa}: Spirits of Tree,

{Sarah}: Spirits of Sky,

{Ken}: Spirits of Flower, Root, Branch and Leaf,

{Mike}: Spirits of Mountain, and Plain


{HEATHER}Spirits of Falling Water,
Streaming River, Wide and Glorious Lake,

{Tess}Spirits of Deep and Rolling Ocean Wave,

{Lisa}: Spirits of Forest,

{Sarah}: Spirits of Desert,

{Ken}: Spirits of Arctic Plain,

{Mike}: Bringers of Ice, Bringers of Rain,


{HEATHER}: Bringers of Wind and Snow and Flame,

{Tess}All Nerthus’ children, We Honor you with the blessings to abundant for us to weal!

{Kaila}: Nerthus Earth Mother for everything we say

við þakka þér [vith thakka thear] We Thank You


Thanking and Closing the Gates


The Kindred have blessed us! So as we prepare to depart, let us give thanks to those who have aided us


Ostara, bright lady, from the frost of winter You have freed us.
From the depths of darkness, Your radiance has come forth, lighting our path to new Growth.
við þakka þér [vith thakka thear] We Thank You


{Jackie}Uller and Skadi

Uller and Skadi for the safe winter that has passed
við þakka þér [vith thakka thear] We Thank You.
{Darin}Shining Ones

Shining ones for being with us and showing us the way

við þakka þér [vith thakka thear], We Thank You


For your wisdom and Guidance now and always we say

við þakka þér [vith thakka thear], We Thank You.


{Sarah}: Landvaettir

For upholding an protecting this land we say

við þakka þér [vith thakka thear], We Thank You.


For Guarding the Threshold and warding our steps we say,

við þakka þér [vith thakka thear], We Thank You.

{HEATHER}Freya and closing of the gates

Freya teacher of Magic, we say,

við þakka þér [vith thakka thear], We Thank You.

Once more I ask you to join your magic with ours and aid us as we close the gates
Let the Fire now be but this flame that warms hearths and flesh
Let the Well now be but water that nourishes and cools.
Let the Tree now be the very heart of us that we carry fourth from this place!
Let all be as it was before,
Láttu Gates lokað [lawtoo Gawtez vera Lokath]
Let the Gates be closed!




Now it is time to return to our world. We must return along the old path to our modern lives, but we never truly leave this Stead. Part of it is always carried in our heart and soul.



This ritual is at an end. Let our words be woven into wyrd. Hail the Folk!!