Alban Elfed 2014 - Welsh Fall Equinox Ritual

Written by Ken Henrie and Lisa Saylor Gentry

Modified from previous Alban Elfed rituals.

For Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF Public Rite September 20th, 2014



Warrior - Ariel

Inspiration - Lisa

Earth Mother - Kaila

Two Powers Meditation - Lisa

Fire - Addy

Well - Ariel

Tree - Ken

Ancestors - Russell

Nature Spirits - Lisa

Shining One - Addy

Invocation to Beli Mawr and Don – Ken, Kaila

Invocation to Lyr and Penarddun – Ken, Ariel

Receiving the Blessings - Ken

2+ for Arch – Addy, Kaila

2 to cense and asperse – Anya, Kaila




Ken: Children of the earth! Welcome to the Alban Elfed ritual of Raven’s Cry Grove, ADF! Release all the cares from your mundane life. Breathe deeply, and allow your mind to be still. All thoughts outside of this time are released. You are here, spiraling ever forward into the present.


Feel the pull of our sacred space, calling you, whispering on the Winds. Here, in our Nemeton, we create our sacred realities. We can be all that the Kindreds believe us to be. Purification allows us to transform into our sacred selves. Please come forward, be purified and attune yourself to mythic time. Let go and cross the divide.


Form the Procession – at least two druids form an ach (branches, wheat, corn stalks, etc.).  Everyone walks under and is censed/aspersed as they exit the arch.



Lisa: By the light of the fire and might of the water, may this grove be made whole and holy.


Purification Chant

Fire in the Heart, fire of the mind

Fire on the wind, fire out of time


Fire of the night, fire of the soul

Fire pure and bright, fire make us whole.

(Repeats until finished)





Ken: Here we stand now, gathered at the threshold. Warrior, call a guardian for our rite!



Ariel: [Standing in the North]


“Bran the Blessed, Giant King of Ravens,

Champion of the Isle of the Mighty,

You are great and powerful indeed,

Even after you were slain you still stand guard,

From the White Tower of London,

None may invade or do harm;

Keep too our grove safe and whole.

Repel all those who do not support or uphold our work,

And celebrate with us as we give thanks for the harvest.

We offer you ale and bread,

In thanks for your vigil.


[Offering of Ale and Bread]


Derbyn ein Offrwm! [der-been ayn hof-room] Bran, accept our offering!


Bydded Felly. [buth-ed veck-lee]”


Ken: Here we mark our threshold, opening a roadway to the sacred center. Warrior, mark now this space, so that the Outdwellers may not enter.


Warrior draws a line at the entrance with a sword, staff or stick.


Ariel: Bran, we ask you to guard this threshold!


Ken: Brothers and sisters, as we prepare to make our offering to the Outdwellers, avert your eyes so as not to form a relationship with them. Look also at the Outdwellers within your own hearts. This is a celebration of Love, and all that we carry into the Nemeton today will flower. Take only that which you wish to root, grow and fluorish.


Warrior! Make offering and appease the Outdwellers who do not support our ways!


Ariel: Spirits of this place and afar, those of you who do not uphold our ways or would seek to do us harm or mischief. You who are called Corrannyeid [Cor-an-nee-ayd], we acknowledge the differences between us and ask that you neither hinder nor prevent us from honoring the Kindreds and receiving their blessings.


Take these spirits [Whiskey Offering] as a gift from us, and by doing so acknowledge our request and leave us in peace for our rite.

Bydded Felly. [buth-ed veck-lee]





Ken rings chime 3x3 saying...


Ancestors! (chime 3x)

Nature Spirits! (chime 3x)

Shining Ones! (chime 3x)


We have crossed the threshold into sacred space.  Please reconnect with the sacred cosmos as we prepare to open the gates to the otherworlds, the place where the kindreds will reveal themselves once more.


Honoring the Earth Mother


Lisa: Let us begin by honoring the Earth, our home.



“Earth Mother,

You are the ground we walk on,

You provide us the food that we eat,

The trees to build shelter and make fire.

You are the waterways and the seas,

You are the mountains and the stones,

You are the sky stretching far above us.

You are all a mother should be,

And we celebrate with your Children this eve.

We give you love, honor and respect.

May the sky not fall,

May the sea not rise,

And may the land remain firm.”


[Make Offering of Grain]


Derbyn ein Offrwm! [der-been ayn hof-room] Earth Mother, accept our sacrifice!


Statement of Purpose:


Lisa: Today we gather between Earth and Sky, to honor and worship the Kindreds as one people. We sing their praises as we make our sacrifice, and we seek their blessings in return.



KenCroeso y Pob Bendith [croy-so uh pob ben-dith]. Welcome and many blessings. We have gathered today to celebrate the autumn harvest, and the balancing forces of light and dark, for today is Alban Elfed, “Light of the Water.” The ancient Welsh celebrated the equinox as the start of the second harvest of fruits and grain.  Today we come together to celebrate the Earth in her full abundance, to give thanks, and to look at what things are ready to be harvested in our own lives. Let us rejoice and give due honor to the powers that have assisted us this year!

Lisa: On the Equinox, we celebrate the balance of day and night, of darkness and light. It is only right that we give honor to both of these forces this evening. Tonight we will call on Beli Mawr and Don, the father and mother of the House of Light. We will call also on Lyr [Thleer] and Penarddun [Pen-ar-thun], father and mother of the House of Darkness.


Without both dark and light, there can be no balance. Without balance, we would be at the mercy of the forces of chaos. Let us give honor, then, this evening to the chthonic and primal fathers and mothers of the gods themselves.



Ken: As our ancestors did and our children may do, so do we now: we are here to honor the Old Bargain between mortals and the Kindreds.  So let us join together as one folk to make our offerings in joy and reverence.


“Bydded Felly”   [buth-ed veck-lee]!




Lisa: And now let us call for Inspiration, so that we may speak the rite in beauty.


Lisa (Inspiration):

Cerridwen, shape shifter and cauldron stirrer,

You who magically gave birth to Taliesin,

The greatest of bards,

Come into our grove now,

We come seeking Awen, divine inspiration.

Guide our rite in the way of truth!


[Offering of Oil or Wine]


Bydded Felly”   [buth-ed veck-lee]! Cerridwen, accept our sacrifice!


Establish the Group Mind


Lisa: [Two Powers Meditation]


Recreate the Cosmos


Lisa: Brothers and sisters, let us now re-establish the Sacred Center of the Worlds.



The Three Realms



The waters support and surround us.

The land extends about us.

The sky stretches above us.

And the center burns a living flame.

Let us pray with a good fire.

May all the Kindred bless us.

May our worship be true.

May our actions be just.

May our love be pure.

Blessings and honor and worship to the holy ones.


The Hallows


Lisa: Let us sanctify the hallows by which we will make our offering.



Ariel: Ffynnon Sanctaidd [Sank-tayth], Sacred Well, you hold the waters of Annwn [An-novn]. You are the source of all, and into you all things return once more. You are the well of dark wisdom. You are the blood of the earth. We give you this offering [Silver], and ask that you be in this vessel and in us all.


Ffynnon Sanctaidd, llifa on mewn [thlowss-ka own me-oon]! Sacred Well, flow within us!”




Addy: Dan Sanctaidd [Sank-tayth], Sacred Fire, you are the holy light of the Shining Ones. You provide us with inspiration and call on us to act with courage and right action. You are the element of controlled chaos, and with your power you can both create and destroy. We give you this offering [Oil], and ask that you be in this vessel and in us all.


Dan Sanctaidd [Sank-tayth], llosga o’n mewn [thlowss-ka own me-oon]! Sacred Fire, burn within us!”




Ken: Coeden Sanctaidd [Coy-den Sank-tayth], Sacred Tree, you are the boundary of all worlds and the bridge between Earth and Sky. You are a creature rooted deeply in the earth, stretching far into the heavens. You are our sacred pillar and the center of our grove. We give you this offering [water and/or flowers], and ask that you be our sacred center.

Coeden Sanctaidd [Coy-den Sank-tayth], tyfa o’n mewn! [tuv-a own me-oon]  Sacred Tree, grow within us.”


Opening the Gates


Ken: We have sanctified the hallows. Now let us call on a Gate Keeper to bring the worlds together.


Lisa:  (using staff to point to hallows)

Gwydion fab Don, the greatest of magicians,

Nephew of great king Math ap Mathonwy,

We call on you and your great cunning,

Hero, trickster and warrior.

We call on you to wield your magic,

The transform the mundane into the Other.

You who created a formidable army of trees,

You who protected the Children of Don,

You who defeated the forces of Arawn,

Across the mists of magic we call you.

Come to our grove, oh wise one,

Work a spell to ward us this evening,
So that we may walk the ways in safety.


Derbyn ein offrwm! [der-been ayn hof-room] Gwydion, accept our sacrifice!


[Ale/Whiskey Offering]


Lisa: Gwydion, Gate Keeper, share your magic with ours as we open the ways. Let us together make the well a gate to the worlds below! Let us together make the fire a gate to the worlds above! Let us together make the tree the crossroads of all the worlds!


Agorer Y Pyrth [a-gor-er uh pirth]! Let the Gates be opened!


Inviting the Kindreds


Honoring and Invoking the Powers


Ken: Brothers and sisters! So that we may honor them, make now our offerings to the Kindreds: the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits and the Shining Ones.




Russell:  Hynafiaid [Hee-na-fee-eyed], Ancestors- we remember you in the blood in our veins, in the pulse of our heart that is the rhythm of all humankind. We revere you for the gifts and the guidance that you provide. It is because you lived that we live. You are the Mighty Ones, and we call on you as our kin. Take this simple offering and join us in our rite.


[Whiskey Offering]


Hynafiaid [Hee-na-fee-eyed],  derbyn ein offrwm! [der-been ayn hof-room] Ancestors, accept our sacrifice!

Ken: Brothers and sisters, close your eyes, take a moment, and feel the Ancestors as they join us here.


Allow a few moments.


Nature Spirits


Lisa: Ysbrydion [Ees-bree-dee-own]  Nature, Nature Spirits- you are the noble ones with whom we share this planet, this Earth. You are our kin of fir, fin, feather, and scale. You are of rock, leaf, flower and branch. We call on you, Twyleg Teg, fair folk, the faery kin. You who are our allies, you who we rely on for life itself, we call on you in honor. Take this simple offering and join us in our rite.


[Fruit/Flower Offering]


Ysbrydion [Ees-bree-dee-own]  Natur, derbyn ein offrwm! [der-been ayn hof-room]! Nature Spirits, accept our sacrifice!


Ken: Brothers and sisters, close your eyes, take a moment, and feel the Nature Spirits  as they join us here.


Allow a few moments.


Shining Ones


Addy: Dduwiau [Thoo-ee-aye], Shining Ones, our own Gods and Goddesses. Those of you who are the House of Light and the House of Darkness, and the patrons of all those present today. You are our eldest and wisest kin. You are our greatest of guides, our best of friends, and our most nurturing parents. Where would we be without the graces of the gods? You who are the Shining Ones, we call on you as Elders. Take this simple offering and join us in our rite.


[Oil Offering]


Dduwiau [Thoo-ee-aye], derbyn ein offrwm! [der-been ayn hof-room] Shining Ones, accept our sacrifice!


Ken: Brothers and sisters, close your eyes, take a moment, and feel the Nature Spirits  as they join us here.


Allow a few moments.



Praise Offerings


Lisa: Children of the earth, as the spirit moves you, come forward and make praise offerings to the Kindreds or your Patrons. You may offer at the well, tree or fire. You may sing songs, recite poetry, dance or do whatever would please the Kindreds.


Folk make offerings as they will


Key Offerings


Main Invocation


Lisa: This is the last high day before the beginning of the New Year at Samhain. This marks the beginning of the time of darkness, as we bid farewell to the warmth and light of summer, for soon the cycle will begin again. Now we are in state of balance, betwixt the forces of Light and Dark. As we look back at this year, it is time to give thanks for the gifts and blessings of this year, and to acknowledge our good deeds as well as being aware of areas in which we may have done better. Let us now call on the Patron powers of this rite so that they may hear our prayers.



Beli Mawr, we call on you,

Oh great ancestor!

Shining god of light and fire,

Father of Arianrhod and Caswallawn,

You are the Father of the House of Light,

At Beltaine you are the Fire of Life-

At Samhain you are the Fire of Death.

May you be for the us the Fire of Bounty!

Join us here, in this place of your worship.

Great Father Sun, join us in our rite!


[Frankincense Offering]



Don, our first mother, we call on you,

From you all life springs,

From you all life is renewed.

Mother of Arianrhod and Caswallawn,

Mother of the House of Light.

For all eternity you have existed,

For all eternity you shall remain.

You are the soft, fertile earth,

You are the flowing rivers and sacred wells,

From which knowledge springs.

Great Mother Goddess cloaked in stars,

May you be for us the substance of bounty,

Join us here in this place of your worship,

Great Earth Mother, join us in our rite!


[Milk Offering]


Lisa: Now let us call on Lyr [thleer]  and Penarddun [Pen-ar-thun], the Father and Mother of the Children of Darkness.



Lyr [thleer], we call on you,

Great Father of the Seas,

Dark god of stormy waves and waters,

You who rules the ever-changing seas,

Father of Bran and Branwen,

Father of the House of Darkness.

You whose waters house the mysteries of life and death,

You whose powers are those of chaos-

In this time when Night and Day stand in balance,

May you be for us the waters of abundance.

Join us here in this place of your worship,

Great God of the Sea, join us in our rite!


[Stout Offering]



Penarddun [Pen-ar-thun], most beautiful, we call on you,

You who are wed to the proud sea god.

You who were born of light,

You who is wed to the dark.

You know better than all the necessity of both.

You are the High Goddess,

Mother of the House of Darkness.

At this time of balance and harvest,

May you be for us the principle of harmony.

Join us here in this place of your worship,

Great Goddess, Daughter of Donjoin us in our rite!


[Milk Offering]


Main Offering


Ken: As this day symbolizes the end of the harvest, we will give an offering of grain. Yet we will offer more than just grain. We shall imbue the bread with our own reflections of this year’s bounty and with our prayers of thanks. We will pass this loaf of bread around so that all may lay their hands upon it. Think now on the past year. Think of the joys and the sorrows that it brought. Think of all that succeeded and thrived and all that failed to flourish. Be grateful for the struggles, for they have shaped you and lead you to where you are now. You may express your gratitude aloud or silently, as you so choose.


As you do this, think fondly of this rite’s patrons, the representatives of Earth, Sea and Sky, and of Light and Darkness. They are the balance in our lives.


(Bread is passed around.  Soft background music here)


Ariel, Melissa, and Ren - Bardic Offering- Calon Lan


Beli, Don, Lyr [thleer], Penarddun [Pen-ar-thun]! Your children have poured their hearts into this offering! May you find the energy contained within to be your nourishment and strength, much as we are strengthened and nourished by your grace!


Great Powers Derbyn ein haberth [der-been ayn haw-berth]. Accept our sacrifice!

Bydded Felly!        [buth-ed veck-lee]



Prayer of Sacrifice



O Noble, Ancient and Shining Ones!

Incense have we offered to Your shrines!

Offerings have we made through the Well, Fire and Tree!

Kindreds!  All this we give to You in the name of Hospitality.

May our thankful gifts and Courage increase Your Power and magic!

And may our Fertile Spirits show the world Your abundance!

Mighty Kindreds, accept our sacrifices!



Piacular Offering



All immortal gods whatever be your names:

If out of ignorance or faulty memory,

if something in this ceremony was displeasing to you,

O Kindreds of our people, hear us now.

By this offering of recompense,

We beg forgiveness and make amends for our error

Know our hearts and our intent are pure.


[Wine and Oil Offering]





Seer, what blessings and wisdom do the Kindreds offer us in return?

Russell: takes the omen


Receiving the Blessings


Lisa: Brothers and sisters, all our offerings, all we have done so far in our rite, have led to this moment.  This is magic time!  We have made offerings to the Powers, and now we shall ask for their blessings in return.  Visualize the blessings that each of you desire and need from the Kindreds.  See it clearly in your mind’s eye. And when we ask for the Waters of Life, when we say, “Give us the Waters”, see the blessing you desire descend into the upraised cup like a mist, filling the cup.  And when we drink of the Waters, you will receive your blessing.  So close your eyes and take a moment to visualize your needs, and the needs of our Grove, that we may all receive the blessings we desire.


Allow time for the people to meditate on needs and desires. Lisa pours mead into the cup and druids hold it.


Ken: We call for the blessing of the Ancient Ones. Together we bid…

 Dduwiau, rhowch i ni'r Dyfroedd! [Thoo-ee-aye, row-ook ih near Duff-royth] Shining Ones, give us the waters!


Ken:We join our hearts, that each of us be blessed. Together we call…

Dduwiau, rhowch i ni'r Dyfroedd [Thoo-ee-aye, row-ook ih near Duff-royth]! Shining Ones, give us the waters!


Ken: And as we are blessed, let all the worlds be blessed. Together we pray…

Dduwiau, rhowch i ni'r Dyfroedd bywyd [Thoo-ee-aye, row-ook ih near Duff-royth]!  Shining Ones, gives the waters of life!


Ken: O Ancient, Noble and Shining Ones!  We have offered to you, so we ask for your gifts in return.


Elevates the Waters.


Hallow these waters!  Bless our lives with Magic, Power and Abundance as we drink of your essence.  Kindreds, we ask you, give us the waters of life!


All: Give us the waters of life!


A pause…


Ken: Behold the waters of life!  Brothers and sisters, drink of the waters of life!



Song: Pour the Waters one time, then drumming and music etc.





Affirmation of the Blessings


Lisa: We have drunk of the Waters of Life!  The Powers have given us true and wondrous blessings.  We affirm the gifts of our Kindreds and acknowledge their power in our lives.


Brothers and sisters, do you accept the gifts of the Gods?


All: We do!




Lisa: “ We have given to the powers and the powers have given to us. Let us now thank them before they depart.”


Ken:  “ Beli, Don, Llyr, Penarddun. Great parents who we have honored tonight. Diolch i chi,  [di-olch ee hee] we thank you!


Lisa:  “ Allies. Diolch i chi,  [di-olch ee hee] we thank you!


Addy:  Shining Ones. Gods and goddesses of all those gathered here. Diolch i chi, [di-olch ee hee]we thank you!


Lisa:  Nature Spirits. Wild ones of the green world and those beyond the mists. Diolch i chi, [di-olch ee hee]we thank you!


Russell:  Ancestors. Ancient spirits who came before us. Diolch i chi, [di-olch ee hee]we thank you!


Ken:  Ceridwen. Keeper of the cauldron of inspiration. For inspiring us, Diolch i chi, [di-olch ee hee]we thank you!


Ariel:  Bran. Shining, Blessed One. For watching over us, Diolch i chi, [di-olch ee hee]we thank you!


Closing the Gates


Lisa:  Gwydion, Master of all Magic, champion of the Children of Don. For aiding us in keeping the ways open during our rite, we say to you, Diolch i chi [di-olch ee hee], we thank you!


And now join your magic with ours once more.

Let us together make this well but water.

Let us together make this fire but flame.

Let us together make this sacred tree no more than the living creature that it is.

Caeed i Pyrth! Let the gates now be closed!



Thanking the Earth Mother


Kaila:  Earth Mother. We return to you all blessing gone unused. May you drink deep and grow stronger by doing so. For always holding firm beneath us, Diolch i chi, [di-olch ee hee]we thank you!


Ken: And now that the gates have been closed… Outdwellers, for accepting our terms and leaving us in peace during our rite, we thank you and return this space to you until we may have need of it again. Diolch i chi [di-olch ee hee], we thank you.


Closing the Rite


Lisa:  Once again, we have continued in our traditions, honoring the Gods,

Ancestors and Nature Spirits, just as in times of old.  We have made offerings to our Kindreds and received their blessings in return.


But great energy has been raised within us this day!  Let us be grounded once more.


[Grounding of excess energies.]


Ken: Let us end as we began. (Chime 3x3)


Children of the earth, Pob Bendith [pob ben-dith]. Many Blessings. The rite has ended. Bydded felly [buth-ed veck-lee].