Óimelc 2007

By Nicole Harlow

(Inspired by and compiled from work from Ian Corrigan, Kirk Thomas, Coedwig, and ZL Bennett)



I. Establishing the Grove

PD Begins with chime 3x3

Call for Protector
Ulrick: Great Dagda, king and leader of the Tuatha De Danann, protector of your people, we would ask that you come into this Grove and protect those within as we do our work this night.  We offer you whiskey, so you will not thirst, and bread, so you will not hunger, as you keep your vigil.

Dagda, protector, accept our offering!  “Biodh sé Amhlaidh”  (All repeat)

Brideog Procession
(Begin drum-beat-Karl) First flamekeeper enters the nemeton, and stands by the unlit fire.

The PD stands at the doorway where a small group of women wait followed by the rest of the women present.


Women: Brigid has Come!

PD: Brigid is Welcome!


A small group of women enter the nemeton first, holding the Brideog doll high in front, with the other women of the congregation (they are censed and aspersed as they enter – singing FIRE IN THE HEART).


When all the women have entered, and the Brideog doll has been placed on her bed, (drum beat stops).

PD: We Welcome you Brid (vreej), Radiant Lady, who warms our hearths and lives.

The men outside respond (Ulrick leads): We would enter to honour Brid (

All women: You may enter the Nemeton to honour her.  Welcome! Welcome!


Procession: Song “WE APPROACH THE SACRED GROVE”; Censing and Aspersing done here as men enter.

Opening Statement

PD: As our Ancestors have done, so w
e, too, gather here today to honor Brid (vreej), Goddess of Fire, Goddess of Healing, Goddess of Inspiration, and may our children remember her thusly in the ages to come. Today we celebrate the Feast of Óimelc, (EE-mulk) as we sense the spark of renewal that is taking place within us and the Earth Mother. We are all part of the cycle, with the end meeting with the beginning, and life once again promises hope. The seeds that have been planted under our feet, begin to spring forth, and push their way through the earth. So let us join here today together as one to make our offerings to Brid, our Ancestors, the Sidhe, and the Gods!  “Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”

Earth Mother

PD: We will begin by honoring the Earth Mother.

Lisa: Earth Mother, Great Mother of many names, it here we honor your body, from you we are formed and to you we shall return! It is here we are joined as your children, wrapped in your bounty and in your beauty. It is here we honor you!  We call on you tonight, as Ainé, to watch over this rite, and to bless us here.  (Offering of grain and milk is made to the earth).


“Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”


PD: We will now call for the fires of inspiration, so that our words may be spoken in beauty and eloquence.

Mike: Oghma, eloquent “Sunny-faced” champion of the great bards and the Tuatha De Dannan, kin of Brid (brizh) and The Dagdha, shining protector of your people, join us here, and spark the flames of inspiration within our hearts.  Bright Oghma, guide our songs and offerings of praise this night, and add your beauty to this rite.


“Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”


II. Opening of the Grove


Grove Attunement- Lisa: Two powers centering


The Hallows

PD: We now sanctify the hallows by which we make offering.



Coedwig: Holy well, where all the waters of earth do dwell: the streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, and the waters that flow within us.  May our ancestors, spirits, and gods hear us through this sacred well and the waters that nurture our being and the world.  Bringer of Life, present in our joy and tears, we honor you, uisci naomh (ish-kuh neev) (an offering of silver is made to the well) Sacred Well, flow within us!  “Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”



Karl: Sacred fire, light of inspiration, change, and illumination, -  You who burn and dance within us, may all that we would offer in our most sacred of intentions travel easily through these flames to all that surrounds us, to all whom would bless our gifts.  Lucent One, we honor you, tine naomh (chinneh neev) (an offering of oil is made to the fire) Sacred Fire, burn within us!  “Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”



Mike: Sacred Tree, connection of the realms, with your branches reaching high above us, and roots, drinking deep within the earth, showing the mysteries of the blending of water and fire.  May the Shining Ones and our allies know our hearts and receive our offering here as easily as a tree happily soaks up sunshine and rain.  Great holder of the threshold, we honor you, crann naomh (krahn neev) (an offering of water from the well, and incense is made to the tree) Sacred Tree, grow within us!  “Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”

Opening the Gates

PD: “ We have sanctified the hallows for our worship. Now let us call on the Gate Keeper Mannanan Mac Lir, to bring the worlds together.”


Coedwig: O Mannanan Mac Lir, gatekeeper, Sidhe King, rider of the waves, walker of the mists, you who open the way for us.  We stand at the border, watching as the mists close in.  We call you here, Keeper of the Gates to share your magic with ours and let the fire open as a gate, let the well open as a gate, let the tree be the crossroads of all worlds.   Manannan mac Lir, accept this offering.  Open as a road to our voices so that they may be heard by the kindreds. Osclaítear na geataí anois(OS-kluh-TEER na GAH-thay anish)!  Let the gates be open!


III. Offering to the Powers

Honoring and Invoking the Powers
PD: “ Let us now call on the kindreds so we may honor them.”

Nature Spirits

Russell: Nature Spirits, A sprideanna na talaimh (uh SPRid-jun-na na TALL-iv), Spirits of the land, hear your friends and companions! Kindred of stone and stream, rock and fertile soil, kin of the earth, we offer you welcome!  Kindred of the land, of herb and flower, the smallest shrubs and the mightiest trees, of roots and stems and fruits; Green kin, we offer you welcome!  Kindred of fur and feather and fin, those who walk or fly or swim or crawl, and those who bring joy to our lives, A sprideanna na talaimh we would give you honor and praise, We ask that you join us here today and we offer you welcome


Nature spirits, accept our sacrifice!  “Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”


Faolan: Ancestors, A shinseara (uh HEEN-sher-ah).  You who lie deep within this land, you whose memories hold it, and whose hearts are tied to its very essence; tribes of old, we offer you welcome!  Grandmothers and grandfathers, our beloved dead, kin of blood and heart, ancient tribes whose legacy is in our veins, we offer you welcome!  Elders and wise ones, you who guide the people, wise men and women of ancient days, we offer you welcome!  Mighty Ancestors, A shinseara we would give you honor and praise, and we would ask that you join us here today.


Ancestors, accept our sacrifice!  “Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”



Karl: A Dheithe (uh YAY-huh), Shining ones, your children call out to you, hear us eldest and brightest!  The first children of the mother, the wisest and mightiest, the most loving and comforting, we offer you welcome!  Gods and goddesses of this place, ancient and powerful, known or unknown to us, powers of this place, we offer you welcome!  Deities of those here gathered with whom we worship, you who bless our lives, patrons and matrons, we offer you welcome!  A Dheithe, we would give you honour and praise, and ask that you would join us here this day.


Gods and Goddesses, accept our sacrifice! “Bíodh sé Amhlaidh”

Personal Offerings

PD: “ If anyone is called to make offering to their gods and allies, please do so now.”




PD:  We now call upon the Great Lady of this Season, Our Dear Brigid.


Insert Invocation here:

Main Offering to Brigid

-A Song and commitment to be offered. 



Lisa:  Announces the focus of the offering for the occasion.

Candle passed as commitments to manifest a gift into the world that reflects Brid’s attributes:  (i.e.  I will bring beauty, I will create, I will heal, I will protect, I will inspire, I will bring magic, I will offer service…etc.


PD:  May this flame of Brigid that holds our intent keep our way bright and our commitment firm…  (as flame lights the Brid’s cross and is offered to the fire)


The Omen

PD: “ We have honored the powers and given to them. It is now time for the flow to turn and the powers to reciprocate. Let us begin by asking what blessings and messages the powers wish to impart. (Lisa takes omen.)

Blessing Cup

PD: We are now ready to receive all the blessings the powers wish to give us and we may also ask for a boon from them at this time. (Druid pours mead into the cup.)

Ancient and Shining Ones, Ancestors, Nature Spirits, we have offered to you, so now we ask for your gifts in return!  Give us the waters of life!


All:  Give us the Waters of Life!

Pd:  We seek your blessings, of wisdom, of magic, and of rebirth!  Give us the waters of life!


All:  Give us the waters of life!

PD:  We seek your blessings, of prosperity, of plenty, of abundance and of love!
Kindreds, we ask, Give us the waters of life!

All: Give us the waters of life!


Nicole:  (Takes the Cup and says) These are the Waters of Life.

(SONG – Pour the Waters - while the cup is passed around)


PD:  We have given to the powers and the powers have given to us. Let us now thank them before they depart.

Nicole: A Brid (ah-VREEJ), you who we have honored here tonight, Goddess of the flames! Go raigh maith agat (Guh- ruh MAH a-GAT), we thank you!

Karl: A Dheithe, Shining Ones! Go raigh maith agaibh (Guh- ruh MAH  a-GIV), we thank you!


Faolan: A shinseara, mighty ancestors! Go raigh maith agaibh (Guh- ruh MAH a-GIV), we thank you!

Russell: A sprideanna na talaimh, spirits of the land! Go raigh maith agaibh (Guh- ruh MAH a-GIV), we thank


Mike: Oghma, eloquent one, God of our inspirations!
Go raigh maith agat (Guh- ruh MAH a-GAT ), we thank you!


Ulrick: Dagda, Eochaid Ollathair (YO-keed, ullah-TAY-ir), god of druidry and protector of our Grove this night! Go raigh maith agat (Guh- ruh MAH a-GAT ), we thank you!

Lisa: Great Earth Mother, Ainé, all that nurtures and surrounds us! Go raigh maith agat, (Guh- ruh MAH a-GAT) we thank you!  We offer to you dear Mother all the blessings left unused.  May you drink deep, we thank you!


Coedwig: Mannanan Mac Lir, keeper of gates, by your magic and ours we end what we began. We thank you for guarding us and guiding us!
Now let the fire be flame
Let the well be water;
And let the tree be but the very heart of us all that we carry forth from this place!
Let all be as it was before. Let the Gates now be closed!


ALL: Let the Gates now be closed!

Grounding to be done here  - (Lisa)

Ending the Rite

PD: Let us end as we began. (Chime 3x3)

Brothers and Sisters, the rite has ended, let us remember this time of fellowship and go in peace, renewed in our commitments.