Introduction: FAOLAN


(3 Horn blows to signal the gathering for the games)


Opening Ceremony


Opening Statement: FAOLAN


“Today, we will honor Lugus for his skills with our own.

As is tradition during this season of competition, a champion will be selected from the bravest among you who have chosen to compete in the sacred games. Their physical and mental skill will be tested, and if the gods deem it necessary, they will also be tested in their spiritual strength as well. Be prepared!

As a reward for their prowess, the champion will be honored in ritual. Do not take this reward lightly however, as you will become the people’s Champion and will be put to a test of courage to bring the blessings of the gods to the people.”


“Again, I welcome you all to the Festival of Lugus and let the games begin!”


(1 long horn bast)


“Who among you wish to participate in the sacred games?!”

(Participants will step forward)


Presentation of the competitors: FAOLAN

“Here are your competitors. Let the community take pride in their bravery and cheer for their success!”




Stone Toss – Strength

Javelin – Accuracy

Leaping – Agility

Riddle – Wit

*Dice Throw – Luck (Spiritual Challenge)


* used to break a tie if necessary








Festival of Lugus 2007



Pre Ritual Briefing


(Topics: Historical/Spiritual significance/Intention/Clapping)




(Horn is blown three times to signal the procession)

Song: “Here we come now”




Procession /Censing and Aspersing



Censing and Aspersing will take place once the people have gathered around the circle.


Ritual Purpose



 “We have gathered here to celebrate the turning of Summer and to honor a god known to all of the Celtic tribes. He is the patron of all skills and is champion of the people. To the Celtic tribes of Iberia and Gaul he is known as Lugus. To the tribes of Eire and to us today, he is known as Lugh, son of Taltiu and once king of the Tuatha De Dannan. He was a bard, a craftsman, a warrior, and a leader to his people. As modern pagans, he teaches us the ability to acquire new knowledge, multitask, and to take on new challenges with wit and strategy. Most importantly, he teaches both balance and excellence in all things. Let us honor Lugus and recognize the skills that we possess so that we may, like Lugus, serve our community in pride and strength.”


The hearth fire is lit during this time.


“Let us begin this rite by honoring the Earth Mothers.”


Honoring the Mothers



Drummer: Heart Beat Rhythm.


GENTRY: “Most sacred and powerful Earth Mothers. Your compassion and bounty sustain and give us life. We honor your presence and acknowledge our reliance on you as your children, for without you we would not live.”


(Goat’s Milk is offered to the ground)


“Mothers of this place, accept the offering of your children!”


PD: “We will now call for the fires of inspiration, so that our words may be spoken in truth and strength.”





LISA: “Brigeacis! “Exalted one! Bringer of both healing and inspiration. We seek beauty and truth on our tongues and so ask that you grace us with your light this day.”


(Offering of goat’s milk around the fire)


“Brigeacis, stand with us and accept our offering!”




 “Let us prepare the hallows from which me make offering.”




Establishing the Sacred Center



Drummers: ¾ beat (All drums)







Sacred Fire


KARL: “From this fire will we worship and make offering to our Gods and Kindred above us.”






“Sacred Fire, burn within us!”


Oil is offered to the fire.



Sacred Well





SHELBY: “From this well we will worship and make offering to our Gods and Kindred below us.




An offering of silver is made.


“Sacred Well, flow within us!”


Sacred Tree




MIKE: “From this magnificent tree we will worship and make offerings to the Gods and

Kindred around us.”




An offering of incense, oil, and water is made.


“Sacred Tree grow within us!”





 “As we have prepared the space, let us now align ourselves to welcome the Kindred.”





Breathe Deeply.


Raise your arms to the heavens.

Feel the bright shining worlds above you.

 Now, exhale and lower your arms to the earth.

Feel the cool dark worlds below you.


Breathe Deeply.

Be aware of your space in this moment.

 Know that the center of the world is where you stand.

Breathe Deeply


Open your eyes.





Opening of the Gates

(Lisa and Faolan)


Priestess: Danza De Los Portillos (Dance of the Gates)


This is a layered magical act involving a dancer, drummer, and priest (orator). The drummer plays a traditional Spanish 3-count beat that progressively increases in speed as the dance intensifies and also increases in speed. As the energy builds, the Priest begins the invocation of Candamius while holding a libation. Bards will encourage the people to clap along in rhythm in order to raise energy and assist in the opening of the gates. Note: The orator and dancer must work in coordination. The dancer will set the pace for this act and the orator must follow her energy. Only when the dancer’s energy is at its peak, will the orator begin his/her invocation and offering.









 “Father of dreams and keeper of secrets. You who stand at the threshold of the worlds! We call on you to open the boundaries between the worlds so that our voices may better be heard. ”


Priest walks three times around the fire pit and chants:


Endovelico! Abre las portillos!


Endovelico! Abre las portillos!



Priest comes to a stop, holds the libation cup up high then throws the libation into the fire and says:


“Endovelico! Let the gates be opened!”

(All repeat)




“The gates are open. Let us now welcome the Kindred.”






Nature Spirits (Tree)

RUSSEL: “Wild ones of the land, sea, and sky! We have lived together as neighbors for generations in both struggle and in companionship. We honor and respect you for your presence and your sacrifices. Your unconditional love sustains our hearts and your deaths sustain our very lives. May we strive to develop a more noble relationship with you.“


(An offering of rosemary or grain to the tree/stone.)



“Spirits of the land. Stand with us and accept our offering.”





Ancestors (Well)

SHELBY: “Mothers and Fathers of the Land, Mothers and Fathers of the Heart, Mothers and Fathers of the Blood. We call to those who have come before us, and we offer our love and respect. For without you we would not live today.”


(An offering of cider/beer is made to the well.)


“Ancestors, stand with us and accept our offering.”





Deities (Fire)


KARL: “Bright and Shining Ones above us. Dark and Mysterious ones below us. You who inspire and challenge us. We make offering to you in exchange for your presence this day.


(An offering of oil is made to the fire.)


“Shining Ones above and below, stand with us and accept our offering.”






Personal Offerings



“Those who wish to make offering to their patrons and allies at this time, please come forward.”

Main Offering




“Let us now welcome our honored guest of the rite.”


“We call to the “All Skilled One”!

Son of shadow and light.

 Bearer of both arms and knowledge! 

Teacher of excellence in all things!

Stand with us!


We honor you here today with gifts as is tradition during this time.


We first welcome you with food and drink made from the wheat of the land as is tradition to do so during this season of the first harvest.


(Beer and bread is placed near the fire)


Lugus, we welcome you here and ask that you accept our offering.




 As a second gift to our guest, I will ask the community to honor Lugus by speaking of a skill or talent that you will use to benefit their community during the next year and one day.


(A spear is passed around and each person says a few words as they receive the spear)



“ Lugus, you have heard the people speak in your honor. We now ask that you witness and bind us each to our words as we say in the old tongue, “Teiuoreikis!”


Spear is given to the champion.





“La Pega”

(Bull Sacrifice)/Waters of Life


The Champion will act as sacrificer for this part of the ritual (or the PD if the Champion declines). A costumed bull dancer will be ceremoniously brought in and make its way around the sacred space in order to generate energy. Rhythmic clapping will encourage the bull to move and dance within the circle. This sacrifice will lead into the blessing cup portion of the ritual, as it will already be considered to be charged.


During the dance, PD will give a short oration: FAOLAN


“In ancient days, those of the tribe who were willing and able to face struggle and even  death in order to provide food and safety to the people were given the title of Champion.

Today, your Champion fights with the great Bull, a symbol of power, fertility, and unrelenting struggle, in order to bring the blessings of the gods here to us now. Let us celebrate this most ancient of dances!”



During the dance, the Champion will bait the bull three times. After the third bait and “entrar a matar (killing blow)”, other warriors will restrain the bull and the PD will draw its “blood” into the blessing cup and then hand it to the Champion who holds it to the sky.


A Basque “ irrintzi” may be performed


Greek style “high tone shrills”may be performed by females*

(*Taken from Greek Hellenismos tradition)



The Champion will ask:


“Do the people accept the blessings that have been given to us?”


(Simple drumming begins as the blessing cup is passed around)








“Let us now see what the Gods wish to impart to us…”





The unused portion of the blessing cup will be used for the Omen reading. It will be poured out three times and the spill patterns will be read to see what messages are to be received.


Thanking of the Kindred


These are to be personally inspired statements.


Lugus – Faolan

Allies - Lisa

Deities- Karl

Ancestors- Shelby

Nature Spirits- Russel

Brigeacis - Lisa

Earth Mothers - Gentry



(Clapping begins to signal closing)


Closing the Gates

Priestess will perform a dance in which to close the gates. This is considered to be a reversal of energy. The tempo will start slow, increase, and then decrease again in order to close the gates.



“Endovelico, we thank you for your assistance this day and again we ask that you stand with us and re-strengthen the boundaries that have been opened between the worlds.”


As the dancer’s energy subsides, PD speaks:


“Let the portals that we have opened here today stand as they once were.”


“Endovelico! Let the gates be closed!”


LISA: Grounding and Re-centering


Horn is blown three times to signal the end of the rite.


Ritual Items
  • Olive oil                                                                     
  • Rosemary (dried and fresh)
  • Water (sea water if possible)
  • Red Sangria (Fruit Wine)
  • Wheat Beer (3 bottles)
  • Wheat bread (1 loaf)
  • Apple Cider (alcoholic)
  • Goat’s Milk
  • Whiskey
  • Silver piece
  • Ceremonial Spear
  • Oil soaked torch
  • Drums
  • Bull dancer’s mask/costume
  • 1 large bag for wine
  • Knife






Game Items
  • 3 - 3’ Wooden shafts (Javelins)
  • 1 Target – Wooden “dog ear” board or hay bails
  • Riddle
  • 1 notepad
  • Pencils
  • 2 medium/large sized stones for throwing
  • Measuring tape
  • Dice