Samhain 2007

Written by Anthony Thompson and adapted by Z.L. Bennett

Musical signal is given (Chimes 3x3)

Call on Protector


(Standing at the North)

D1: Golden Lugh, of the sure hand and long arm, your people call upon you this night to lend your protection to this rite And on our journey home. Bold Hero, of shadow and light, ward our steps here and help us to forge right alliance.

(Offering of ale) We offer this in friendship and gratitude. Samildanach, accept our sacrifice. All: AOS!


(Standing outside the perimeter of the circle at the South)

D1: We offer this to the energies that would pit their will against ours, and though our ways are as foreign to you as yours are to us, we offer this in respect and ask that you trouble neither this rite, nor those gathered here.

(offering of grain is made at outdweller area, signified by a skull). Outdwellers, accept our sacrifice. All: Accept our sacrifice.

PD: Brothers and Sisters, you may now enter the Nemeton.

Processional: We Approach the Sacred Grove

We approach the sacred grove
With hearts and minds and flesh and bone
Join us now in ways of old
We have come home

Opening Statement/Precedence

PD: Tá muid anseo leis na Déithe a adhradh. (Tah mweed ahn-shau ley-sh nah Yay-huh uh ah-rah)

We are here to honor the gods. So, let us pray with a good fire. Let us offer with a full heart knowing that when we do, we nurture our relationship with the Kindreds. In remembering, we strengthen and sustain the gods themselves. In honor, we balance the worlds, and in love we bring peace and keep the Old Ways alive and present.

The days grow shorter still, and night comes fast upon us now. In this time of darkness we are here to welcome in the last harvest and to enjoy the final fruits of our labor before the coming holding time and harshness of winter. In elder days, the Folk knew that spirits were about this night, and they made offerings that the sprites might be gentle. They knew that on this night the Dead are closest to us and must be given their due honor, lest they reward our arrogance with mischief of their own. They knew of their tie to their Ancestors, the charge of honor and remembrance between them.

So, on this most sacred of nights let us remember our Ancestors and all our Honored Dead. Let us celebrate with the Nature Spirits around us, and let us honor the Shining Ones, so we may enjoy the Kindreds' blessings through the darkness of Winter and our fears.

Earth Mother

PD: We begin our celebration first by Honoring and inviting our dear Earth Mother.

D1: Earth Mother, our lives are nursed from your bounty.
You are the food that nourishes us, the wealth that enriches us, the very ground that supports us.
O great mother, all joy and prosperity comes from you, and it is you who sustains us always,
no matter your weariness or pain,.
Earth Mother, we honor you now to thank you for the bounty you bestow upon us.

Chant to Earth Mother: Blossom Lifter (1x)

1. Earth Mother, Blossom Lifter

Bloom with the rye,
Bloom with the wheat,
Bloom with barley,
And bloom with all grains.

2. Earth Mother, Blossom Lifter
Bless what we eat,
Bless what we drink,
Bless what we harrow,
And bless what we sow

3. Earth Mother, Blossom Lifter
With all these things
Let us rejoice.
You give to us,
And we give to you.

D1: (After song makes an offering of corn meal or ear of corn to center) Earth Mother, accept our offering! All: Repeat!

Call for Inspiration

PD: We now call upon the powers of inspiration to aid us in our rite.

D1: Bright Brid, Daughter of the Daghdha, Flame of Inspiration,
Maker of metal, Maker of good health, Maker of song,
With you as our mother we need fear no sickness,
With you as our mother we need fear no dull swords,
With you as our mother we need fear no empty words.
Our tribe is triple-blessed, O shining light of the hearth,
and we your children ask you to alight in our hearts,
Alight in our heads, and alight in our voices,
That we may give praise to the gods with good skill.
(Offer oil to the anvil placed on a rock (which has three spirals painted on it) near the fire and then hit 3x.)

Brigid, Accept our offering. ALL: Brigid, accept our offering.

PD: We will now prepare ourselves for our work.

Grove Attunement and Grounding
- Two powers meditation

PD: closes with Unity Chant (adapted) – spoken at end of meditation:
We are one, in this grove,
upon the earth, within the sea, beneath the sky.
We are joined, to send our call,
to the honored dead, to the spirit folk, to the blessed gods.
We praise the Kindreds three, in one voice, from one center, in this grove.
We are one and we set apart this space as sacred.

Establishing the Hallows

O sacred waters that flow and swirl beneath all being,
Well of ancient wisdom, keeper of deep riches,

Be blessed with our offering! O great source of all,
Let us know the elder depths within ourselves.
In the depths flow the waters of wisdom.

(The Keeper of the Well offers silver to Well and takes up some water in a vessel for aspersing).

Sacred waters flow within us. All: Repeat.
(Well Keeper asperses the site and the folk with a silver or white branch and water from the Well).


O sacred fire that consumes and transforms,
True and holy light of the Shining Ones,
Be blessed with our offering! O sacrificed and sacrificer,
Let your holy flame warm our spirits and our lives.
(The Fire Keeper adds wood or oil to the fire and makes an offering of incense, then lights the incense from the flame).
I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.
Sacred fire, burn within us. All: Repeat.
(Fire keeper censes the site and the folk).


O sacred pillar, boundary of all worlds,
Stand at the center of the sky,
Stand at the center of the sea,
Stand at the center of the land on which we dwell.
Let us be deepened in your depths,
Raised to your heights,
And strengthened in your might.
(The Tender of the Tree asperses & censes the world tree).
From the depths to the heights spans the world tree.
Sacred tree, grow within us. All: Repeat.

Reaffirming the Hallows

The fire, the well, the sacred tree,
Flame and flow and grow in me!
In land, sea and sky,
Below, and on high!
Thus is the sacred grove claimed and hallowed.
Let all ill turn away from me and mine
Let all ill turn away from thee and thine.

All: By the might of the water and the light of the fire
This grove is made whole and holy
. (Repeat 3x)

Bíodh sé amhlaidh!

Opening the Gates

Oh Manannan MacLir, powerful son of the sea, holder of the magic of the crane bag, we ask you to
hear our call. Oh Lord of the Otherworld, bearer of the silvered apple branch, join with us this day
so that you may guide us safely in our workings. Mist-shrouded rider of the maned waves, accept
our offering and open the gates between our realm and yours.
(a silver triskel is offered to the well) Manannan, accept our offering!

We invoke Manannan, opener of every gate.
We invoke Manannan, opener of every gate.
You will reach us, you will teach us, and reveal our fate.
You will reach us, you will teach us, and reveal our fate
. (Chant is repeated by the folk building energy

as the following is said.)

PD: Let the fire open as a gate, let the well open as a gate, and let the tree connect all the worlds
as Manannan walks with us in all ways. Osclaítear na geataí anois! (os-kluh-TEER na GA-thay a-nish)
Let the gates be opened!

Honoring and Inviting the Three Kindreds

PD: We now offer to the Kindreds and ask them to join us at this rite.


D1: A Shinseara! Ancestors!

Tradition of genetic fires, the folk songs in our veins,
Grand ones who majestically walk in Tir na n’Og
Kin of our bone, blood, loins, and hearts,
Keep our steps in honor, as we walk in your mysteries!
Keeping us mindful of who you are and what we will become.

Ancestors! With respect we offer to you! (whiskey to the well)

Join us, and accept our sacrifice! ALL: (Repeat)

Nature Spirits:

D1: A sprideanna na talaimh!

Spirits of the Good Gentry and the noble trees that keep and teach us,
Spirits of stream, stone, wind, sand, and soil,
Spirits of the fiery realms of sun, moon, and star,
Spirits of the earth, of fur and fin, scale, feather, and skin,
Nature Spirits, you who balance, heal, comfort, trick, teach, and inspire, we call to you.

O Noble Ones! We call to you and with sincerity, and we offer this! (fruit to the tree)

Join us, and accept our sacrifice! ALL: (Repeat)

Shining Ones:

D1: A Dheithe! –

Divine Ones, both known to us and unknown,
Those who hold the powers of this place,
Patrons of all those here,

You who speak to what is grand in all the worlds,

And do such deeds that win our hearts and praise.
You reveal the delicate tapestries of fate and will
And teach the most profound of lessons,
How could we go on dull and indifferent?
When our souls long to know you and do you honor?

Shining Ones!
With open hearts, ever mindful of the mutual charge
between us.

We offer this to you! (offering of oil in the fire)

Join us here and accept our sacrifice!
ALL: (Repeat)

PD: Hail to you, Triple Hosts of Spirits, Welcome!

Praise Offerings of the Folk

At this time, let those who would offer praise and thanks to their gods
and allies, do so.

Meditation of Merging the Energies and Re-Centering
(meditation of merging and re-centering.)

Ritual Purpose, and Honoring the Spirits of the Occasion

PD: In this time, when the Otherworld is near and the ways between are freely traveled, we honor those who have come before, the Dead and the Powers who guide them, and we ask for their guidance and blessing in return. As the tree grows tall and strong from the foundation of the great Earth, so too do we grow wise by listening to the words of the Ancestors. All we are arises from all they have been. On this night of Samhain, let us hear the whispers of the Wise, let us walk the Old Ways well, and let the Spirits ward us tonight and through the rest of Winter.

Honoring Donn

D1: In the season of darkening, the Lord of the House of Death receives the Spirits in his Hall. He is Donn the Dark One, the First Ancestor, the Torc Bearer, The Guardian of the Cauldron of Plenty. Hear us now, Horned One, Dark one, Receiver of the Dead, Granter of Rest, Patron of the Feast in the Land of the Dead. We your children pray you to come in, to let your gaze fall upon this Sacred Ground, to indwell our rite and give us your blessing. We make due offering to you. We give you...

Silver, that you grant the wealth of the Underworld, Source of All Potential.

(silver offering made into the well.)
Oil, that the richness of the Land be renewed as our own lives are renewed.

(oil offering made to the Fire)
And an apple, thatthose who know you may bless us as the world is still.

(apple offering placed at the foot of the Tree)

Be welcome with us, Dark One; Donn, accept our offering!

Honoring Cailleach Baere

As the Earth falls into sleep the Hag of Baere is wielding her scythe and cutting the green corn down, to sow it again in the late winter's night. She is the Cailleach, the wise and cunning old woman, who passed into seven periods of youth while her husbands passed away behind her, grandmother to peoples and races of the Earth. Her eyes are keen and sparkling like the cold river stream, her hands are gnarled like the twisted roots of ancient trees, and her skin is old and wrinkled like the scattered leaves of autumn.

When the Cailleach calls, deep within the forest, deep within the land, we can feel it in our bones, like the roots of old. It is time to come home, into the darkness of the woods, where the old hag will cut us open, and we will grow new again, our frailty and weakness cut down like the corn. Hear us now, Cailleach Baere, Great Ancient Grandmother, Lady of the Deep Forest, Old Witch of the Roots and Cauldron. We your children pray that you be with us, that you look kindly upon our holy rite, and that you come into our Grove and give us your blessing.

We give due offering to you. We give you...

Precious stone, that the Bones of the Earth may be clothed again in life.

(stone offered into the well)

Whiskey, that the Waters of Life May flow in us and Spirit indwell flesh.

(whiskey poured into the fire)

Bone, that the old and unnecessary fall away into peaceful rest.

(bone placed at the base of the Tree)

Be welcome with us, Great Grandmother; Cailleach Baere, accept our offering!

Honoring the Ancestors

D1: On the feast of Samhain the veils between the worlds are thin. We call to our Beloved Dead, the blessed Ancestors, to join our feast and receive due offering.
Come to the Gates, honored ones; hear our call, we your children who remember. We offer you our worship, our reverence and our love. You who fill the empty womb, you who cause the seed to spring, you who fill the breast with milk,receive now these offerings, made in your honor:

We offer these apples, the fruit of life and death To the ancient heroes of the Pagan World; those men and women who did the bidding of the Gods for the good of the folk.

(apple offering made to the tree)

We offer this pork, the flesh of the Sacred Sow, to the honored Dead of the passed year; those women and men of our folk who inspired and guided the world.

(pork offering made to the fire)

We offer these hazelnuts, the meat of wisdom, to our own Beloved Dead,

Grandmothers-and-Fathers, family and friends who have gone ahead, we honor you and grieve for you.

(hazelnuts offering made to the well)

Ancestors who have passed and those yet to be, we give these fruits and meats

that you may feast in joy in the Land of the Dead.
Ancestors, accept our offering!

Main Offering

Do the folk have Dear Ones to remember?
All: They have.
Then take the time to remember them as we pass around this wreath of remembrance.
Speak their names, and make offering.

(rosemary wreath passed in the circle for spoken or silent praise).

Let us now acknowledge the Ancestors yet to be, those who will pass this year and those who will be born.
Let us offer them our blessings, mindful of what we will become and who we will leave behind to keep the Old Ways and to care for the Earth.

With this wreath of love and hope let us offer our prayers and blessings. (second wreath passed around)

All sing Mothers and Fathers of Old (3x softly):

From far beyond this mortal plane, mothers and fathers of old
We pray that you return again, mothers and fathers of old
To share with us the mysteries and secrets long untold
Of the ancient ways we seek to reclaim, mothers and fathers of old.

The Return Flow

Taking of the Omen

As we have offered with an open heart, let us know open further to hear the blessings and wisdom The Kindred wish to impart to us. (omen is taken)

Blessing Cup

Shining Ones, Noble Ones, and Mighty Ones, we have given you praise and honor!
In the Ancient charge of hospitality, we pray you accept our sacrifices and grant us your blessings.

Children of earth, we call for the blessing of the Ancient Ones.
Together we say, Shining Ones, grant us the waters!
Shining Ones, grant us the Waters!
D2: We join our hearts, that each of us be blessed.
Together we say, Shining Ones, grant us the waters!
Shining Ones, grant us the Waters!
D3: And as we are blessed, let all the worlds be blessed.
Together we pray, Shining Ones, grant us the waters!
Shining Ones, grant us the Waters!
Hallow these waters, O holy powers. Grant us the blessing we seek.

Let the wisdom, love and power of the Gods, Dead and Sidhe flow in this cup and in this sacred space.
Do you freely accept these blessings Good Folk?
We do.
Then drink heartily!
Seo iad uisci na beatha! ("shee ahd ishka nah bah-hah")
Behold, the Waters of Life!

Song if needed:
Pour the waters

Thanking the Powers

We have called upon the Kindreds and they have answered us! With joy in our hearts let us
carry the magic from our sacred grove into our lives and work. Each time we offer to the powers
they become stronger and more aware of our needs and devotion. So as we prepare to depart let us
give thanks to those who have aided us.
Donn, The Cailleach, and the Ancestors of the past, present, and future,

for the lessons you teach and the bond we hold dear,
go raibh maith agaibh!
We thank you.
All: We thank you.
Dearest of allies, witnesses of this rite, who the folk gathered here to offer up praise,
go raibh maith agaibh.
We thank you.
Shining Ones, for guiding our steps and this rite, and for holding the balance,
go raibh maith agaibh.
We thank you.
Nature Spirits, for your beauty, strength, and presence here and in our lives,
go raibh maith agaibh.
We thank you.
A Brid, Lady of the Hearth-Fires, for your inspiration and presence at this rite,
go raibh maith agat.
We thank you.
A Lugh, strong straight spear, for the benevolent protection of your children,
go raibh maith agat.
We thank you.
D: Dear One, called by many names as the Great Mother of the Earth, happy are we to be your children.

To you, we now return all of the blessings we could not carry here.
Uphold us now in the world
as you have done at this rite, go raibh maith agat.
We thank you! (offering back what is left of the blessing cup).

- Regrounding and Centering – Sending back to the Earth Mother and balancing the Two Powers for the mundane world once again.

- Thanking and Petitioning the Gatekeeper
We call upon our Gatekeeper once more.

A Mhannain Mac Lir, Lord of the mists through which we travel,
for holding the gates open with us and keeping vigil over our steps, Go raibh maith agat, we thank you.

Now, Ageless One, by your power and our magic we end what we began.
Let the well now be, the water that sustains us.
Let the fire now be, the flame that warms us.
Let the tree now be the strength that comforts us.
Let all be as it was before.

A Mhannnain Mac Lir, Dúntar na Geataí anois!
Let the Gates Be Closed!
ALL: Repeat.

- Final Blessing and announcement of ending.
And as we started so let us begin.
(Chimes 3x3)
We have done as our ancestors did and as our children will do and the Gods have answered!
Let us go out into the world secure in the knowledge that our offerings have pleased the gods and
that we go forth under their protection. Bíodh sé amhlaidh!

Recessional: Mystery Harvesters

Ghostly Gliding little Faerie
Harvest end has finally come
You come and pick the orphaned berries
And farmers dance because they’re done.

Chorus: Ghostly Gliding little Faerie
Harvest end has finally come
You come and pick the orphaned berries
And farmers dance because they’re done.

Shiny, Sparkling little Faerie
The folk and spirits dance and run.
Everyone is very merry
On this hallowed night of fun.
(Back to Chorus)

Sly and Sneaky little Faerie
When the celebration ends
People leave the flow’rs they carry,
To honor the dead and greet their friends.
(Back to Chorus)

Items Needed For Ritual:

Lugh - Ale
Outdwellers - Grain
Earth Mother - Corn meal/ear of corn
Brigid - Oil/anvil/rock
Fire and Tree - Incense (loose and stick)
Well -
Gatekeeper -
Silver triskel
Ancestors - Whiskey
Nature Spirits -
Shining Ones – Scented oil
Donn -
Silver, oil, apple
Cailleach -
Precious stone, whiskey, bone
Ancestors - Apple, pork, hazelnuts
Main offerings -
2 wreaths (Rosemary wreath, Wreath for those to come)
Blessing -